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Women killed in Turkey return home

Two towns have fallen silent as the bodies of the Northern Ireland women murdered in Turkey were brought home.

Marion Elizabeth Graham and Kathy Dinsmore were stabbed while on extended holiday in Kusadasi. Their bodies were returned to Newry and Warrenpoint, Co Down, ahead of Friday's funerals.

A Turkish waiter, Recep Cetin, the prime suspect in the double murder, may be held in prison until the end of Ramadan after a prosecutor was appointed to oversee charges.

It is likely the suspect, whose true age is not known, will be held in custody for at least another week as the Islamic holy month ends on August 30.

The two women, both aged 53 and from Newry, were murdered in woods 75 miles north of the holiday resort of Kusadasi last Thursday.

Shannon Graham, Ms Graham's daughter, was among 10 car-loads of friends and family who accompanied the hearses on their journey from Dublin airport with a police escort.

The plane touched down shortly before 2pm on Wednesday, but the bodies did not leave the airport for around an hour as loved ones resolved formalities.

The hearses parted in Newry, with the women taken to separate undertakers, in the town and Warrenpoint. They will later be taken to family homes.

Mary McAuley was waiting for the procession near the Buttercrane shopping centre in Newry, where it split.


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