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Women paid 10% less than men... but full-time women actually earn more than male colleagues


Unacceptable: Megan Fearon

Unacceptable: Megan Fearon

Unacceptable: Megan Fearon

Women are paid less than men in Northern Ireland with a 10% gap between the sexes.

Female hourly earnings were 91.1% of male earnings, according to yesterday's survey.

That includes those in part-time employment.

The gap continues to be narrower than in the rest of the UK, where women on average receive 80.9% of men's pay.

However, when part-time workers are excluded and the focus is solely on full-time employees, women earn more than men.

Women in full-time posts receive £11.48 per hour on average, compared to £11.12 per hour for men.

Sinn Fein MLA Megan Fearon said the overall 10% gap in male-female earnings must be addressed.

"Once again statistics have shown women get paid less significantly than men," she said.

"The gap may have closed, but it is ridiculous it remains at all in this day and age."

Ms Fearon said the situation was unacceptable and must be challenged.

"This is yet another aspect of life where women are discriminated against," she added.

"There is an onus on everyone to work to challenge inequality and discrimination in all walks of life wherever it occurs.

"Gender equality will only be achieved when this pay gap, and other areas of inequality, are closed completely."

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