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Women to seize Moyle District Council chamber for protest

A group of women is to seize control of Moyle District Council chamber today to highlight the lack of female representation in politics.

The 'political coup' is being staged in the run-up to International Women's Day on Saturday and is part of a major project looking at the issue of women in politics ahead of the local council elections on May 22.

The project, 'A Recipe for Good Decision Making', is being run by Ballymoney Community Resource Centre, the Women's Resource and Development Agency and the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland. It involves the four council areas that are due to make up the new Causeway Coast and Glen District – Moyle, Ballymoney, Coleraine and Limavady.

Karin Eyben of the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland said: "We chose the term 'recipe' to show we need to balance the scales between men and women in politics. It is all about raising awareness on issues that women feel are important and working towards a better mix of women and men in all aspects of the council.

"The issues that are important to women are a key ingredient of public life."

Angela Mulholland from Ballymoney Community Resource Centre said: "At present 70% of local councillors in the four council areas are male. Our event in Moyle District Council is to reverse this imbalance and give an opportunity for women to debate the issues that matter to them. We chose Moyle because this is the council that most accurately reflects the male/female split."

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