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Wooden cross erected near 'crucify Catholics' graffiti in Belfast

By Gary Fennelly

A wooden cross has been erected next to anti-Catholic graffiti in Belfast.

The sectarian message, scrawled on a wall on the Donegall Road, reads 'Taigs will be dealt with, VTOT'.

It is close to where an armed gang posed for a photograph next to 'crucify Catholics' graffiti. That chilling image, taken close to the Broadway roundabout and Royal Victoria Hospital, is currently being investigated by the PSNI. They have appealed to the public for information.

Both messages are 'signed' 'VTOT' which is believed to stand for 'Village Team On Tour', in reference to a gang based in the staunchly loyalist area of south Belfast.

SDLP councillor Tim Attwood said: "The appearance of this sinister graffiti is a serious concern, particularly at a time when community tensions have been heightened in advance of the twelfth of July.

"Those behind these despicable threats to Catholics are criminals and do not represent our Protestant friends, colleagues and neighbours.

"The council must take action to remove this graffiti and I would appeal to anyone with any information to bring it to the police as soon as possible."

Belfast City Council told the Belfast Telegraph that the Donegall Road graffiti is not on council property.

A spokesperson said: "We are working with community representatives to try to resolve the issue."

No reference was made to the wooden cross.

Graffiti threatening Protestants, which had been daubed near the Yorkgate complex, has been removed.

The graffiti said: "Any huns caught won’t get out…No Huns welcome."

Meanwhile Nazi flags, erected alongside Confederate and paramilitary flags near a loyalist bonfire in Carrickfergus, have been taken down.

East Antrim DUP MP Sammy Wilson has welcomed their removal.

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