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Workaholic Nolan hints at slowing down... but he may take on a pet project

By Claire Williamson

Stephen Nolan is considering cutting back on his hectic workload, revealing he had a "big decision to make at the end of the year".

The BBC broadcaster with the self-styled "biggest show in the country" is a household name in Northern Ireland.

He is known for his heated interviews with politicians debating the hard-hitting topical issues of the day.

The presenter hosts his morning radio show and Nolan Live television programme.

He also fronts shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights on BBC Radio 5 live.

Nolan had hinted at slowing down his hectic schedule earlier this year.

But after turning 43 a couple of days ago, he revealed he was going to be faced with a "big decision".

He said: "I've been working seven days a week for 15 years. And I'm at the stage now I'm 43, I'm making a big decision at the end of this year. Who knows what I won't do anymore?

"But it does terrify me, that feeling of not being constantly busy every day of the week."

The revelation came as his radio programme debated the perfect retirement age. It was sparked after Swedish DJ Avicii - who played one of his final gigs last night in Belfast at Tennent's Vital - announced his retirement at the age of 26. Nolan added his schedule didn't lend itself to him being able to own a dog, which he would love to do.

He also said that he was putting off having a pet until he was 65 - but feared he might not make it to that age.

He said: "I absolutely love 5 Live, I love Radio Ulster and it's so special to me. I love television, but I can't keep on at the pace I'm going.

"Even the thought of being able to have a wee dog. I can't have a dog at the minute.

"I am putting it off until I'm 60 or 65 and I'm thinking to myself, with my lifestyle, I might not get there, so why not get one now?"

Nolan then pondered the best age to quit work. He said: "I wonder is the perfect age in your mid-40s, and if you are healthy you have another 20-odd years at least.

"To use the money you've earned to travel, and the world is your own."

However, if Nolan does decide to cut back, a proposition has been made that might just help him fill in some downtime next year.

Racing pundit John McCririck says Nolan would be the perfect fit for Celebrity Big Brother.

He urged listeners to start a campaign to get him on the fly-on-the-wall show.

McCririck said: "You would bring your light-hearted touch, which they need so badly."

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