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Workers have trouble switching off

A quarter of workers in Northern Ireland have trouble switching off when on holiday, a survey has found.

Many checked work emails and 41% did not use their full leave entitlement last year, the study for said.

Some of the 306 people who completed the online survey said workloads increased greatly before taking a break. general manager Peter McMonagle said: "Whilst it is great that we have such a conscientious and diligent workforce in Northern Ireland, it is surprising that so many people are unable to relax and forget about work while on annual leave.

"Any manager worth their salt knows that a well-rested workforce is both more productive and more creative so it is important that people switch off from work completely when they are on holiday.

"Employers should actively encourage their employees to manage their time in the run up to holidays so that they can enjoy their annual leave."

Over half the workers who responded to the survey are holidaying abroad this year while a quarter are staying at home and 21% said they did not intend to take a holiday.

A quarter admitted checking work emails while on holiday.

Close to a third said their workload increased before leave.

And a third said they were happy to return to work after their holiday, but 36% said they were not.


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