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Workplace fatalities rise 133% in a year

Work-related deaths in Northern Ireland have risen by 133% since last year.

The figures, outlined in the annual report from the Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland (HSENI), showed 14 work-related deaths in 2010/2011 compared with only six in 2009/2010.

The report said the reason for the sharp increase was caused by a 200% rise in farming deaths, increasing to six this year, along with four deaths caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Chairman of HSENI, George Lucas, said: “HSENI’s staff work with great dedication day in and day out to try to improve the standards of health and safety in the wide range of work situations for which it has responsibility.

“Naturally, I am disappointed to note that the injury figures for the year are slightly up on the previous year, although this needs to be seen within the context of the longer-term trends which still remain very positive, with fatal injuries down by a quarter and all reported injuries down by a third since HSENI was established in 1999.”

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