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Wozniacki's words only fan old flames

By Lindy McDowell

No-one doubts that Caroline Wozniacki has moved on from Rory McIlroy. No-one doubts that Rory has moved on from Caroline.

It's now just the media who need to move on, Caroline tells us via the New York Post, and by doing so sparks even more headlines and dissection of the sporting pair's doomed romance.

As a savvy media operator, might she not have seen it coming that any comments re her past relationship with golf's Number One were only bound to fuel interest? Ms Wozniacki gave a lengthy interview, but almost inevitably it was her remarks about Rory which headlined the piece. Since she tells the interviewer it "bothers" her that people continue to ask about their break-up, she will presumably be even more bothered by that.

Or does the lady perhaps protest too much? Caroline has dealt with what must have been crushing and very public heartache with considerable dignity. She's shown true grit by forging a side career in fashion modelling along with her tennis.

As she commendably says herself in the interview: "I just decided I am going to live my life the way I live it and just have fun with it." Way to go, girl. But if you want to stop the media harking back time and time again to your Wozzilroy past, you surely also know how to put a stop to that. The shutdown answer to those questions about Rory?

Rory who?

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