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X Factor's Jade Collins looking forward to singing for freed father

By Maureen Coleman

Former X Factor contestant Jade Collins has revealed that she is looking forward to rebuilding her relationship with her father after he was released from prison this week.

The Belfast teenager said she was putting her X Factor disappointment behind her and was excited at the idea of singing live for him for the first time.

The 17-year-old schoolgirl is returning to St Louise's College to continue her studies.

Jade told The X Factor her father had taken the “wrong path” and had dipped in and out of their lives as he had been in jail.

Speaking yesterday on the U105 Boogie Bus, Jade said: “My dad is home and I've been in contact with him. We are looking forward to starting afresh.

“I made him a wee CD of my songs when he was in prison, but I can't wait to let him hear me sing live. I'm hoping to do a show for family and friends and the people who supported me.

“I didn't want to go on The X Factor to talk about my dad, but I was asked all these questions and I had to explain why he wasn't around. I was so worried I'd hurt him, but he was fine about it and says he is proud.”

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