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Yobs cause £50k damage to luxury cars in acid blitz

By Claire Graham

A Ferrari worth £30,000 was extensively damaged when a group of hooded criminals threw acid over 26 vehicles at a luxury car dealership.

Family-run Richard Dorrian Cars in Bangor, Co Down, was targeted early yesterday morning with £50,000 worth of damage caused to vehicles.

The bonnet of the flashy Ferrari 456 Racing Green was maliciously damaged within seconds when the gang of three stormed the property on the Belfast Road.

Other models which will require extensive repairs and costly refits because of the incident included BMW, Mercedes and Audi cars.

Matthew Dorrian, son the of the owner, told the Belfast Telegraph the whole firm was shocked and horrified.

"It's just been a nightmare, we cannot believe it."

"It was the cleaner who first discovered what had happened. They had got the bus down and arrived to work as normal and they had to double-take the damage in front of them."

"At first they noticed windows were covered, and then found more and more until 26 were counted up."

"Our most expensive car damaged was a really nice Ferrari we had for sale, a 456 Racing Green.

"Acid was just poured over the bonnet, we can't believe it.

"We have our CCTV footage and that's been checked, but when the gang have their hoods up, what can you really do?

"The police have been round but you're still trying to keep business as usual with meetings and clients, and keeping your customer service a priority, not letting anyone down.

"But the damage will come with a heavy bill to pay."

Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association boss Glyn Roberts slammed the attack as "a disgrace".

"I would urge anyone in the public who knows anything to contact the PSNI and would encourage police to redouble their efforts to catch those responsible and put them behind bars where they belong," he said.

Police confirmed the cost of the damage caused is estimated to be in excess of £50,000.

Officers are keen to speak to anyone who was in the area at around midnight and who may have noticed the three males involved, or any other suspicious activity.

They can be contacted by calling 0845 600 8000.

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