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Yodel calls out for 180 workers in province

Parcel carrier Yodel announced yesterday it was creating 180 jobs across Northern Ireland ahead of the Christmas period.

It is set to recruit 62 directly employed drivers who will be provided with Yodel-branded uniforms and a liveried van. In addition to the directly employed drivers, Yodel is also looking for 49 owner-drivers, who will be required to provide their own vans. Both sets of drivers will be based at their local service centres.

A further 53 self-employed couriers will also be joining the company, using their own cars to deliver and collect smaller parcels from customers. Self-employed couriers are based from home and carry out deliveries in their own neighbourhood. Couriers' hours are more flexible.

The company is looking for more than 7,000 people nationwide. While these are seasonal positions many roles are expected to become permanent.

Yodel executive chairman Dick Stead said: "Our recent research has shown that the 2015 Christmas period is set to break the mould once again, with nearly four times as many people planning to take advantage of the Black Friday online promotions. Our recruitment and training will support this demand and ensure that both our retail clients and their shoppers have an enjoyable Christmas.

"Many of the vacancies are flexible and perfect for those who want to fit work around families, or who have retired but want to remain active and earn cash."

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