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You could always try the Top Gear job, UUP MP jokes to Cameron

By Noel McAdam

David Cameron laughed off a Northern Ireland MP's suggestions for his next job in his last day as Prime Minister yesterday.

Ulster Unionist Danny Kinahan had the first slot in Mr Cameron's final Question Time.

Praising Mr Cameron "for all his hard work and his leadership", the South Antrim MP singled out his commitment to the Union and to Northern Ireland, saying he visited the region often and swam in Lough Erne.

"Perhaps he would like to come and swim in Lough Neagh," Mr Kinahan quipped, adding: "I am told that there are lots of leadership roles out there at the moment - there is the England football team and Top Gear. Even across the big pond, there is a role that needs filling (the American presidency)."

Laughing, Mr Cameron said he was grateful for the "fascinating suggestions". He added: "I believe that Northern Ireland is stronger than it was six years ago - 58,000 more people in work, the full devolution of justice and home affairs delivered under this Government, the Saville report published, record inward investment and the creation of new jobs."

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