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You won't stop me digging vows Nolan as he and DUP's Campbell lock horns on air

By Jonny Bell

Stephen Nolan has vowed to continue to do his job after DUP MP Gregory Campbell warned that he "would keep digging" into the broadcaster's affairs.

Mr Campbell said the public wanted to know what political leaders were doing to stem the projected £490m loss to the public purse on yesterday's Nolan Show programme when asked who was responsible for failing to implement tariff caps.

Nolan has interrupted his US holiday to present a special programme on the political crisis.

The BBC man is broadcasting from Santa Monica in Los Angeles. The time difference means that Nolan is presenting his programme at 1am LA time.

Yesterday he was involved in a heated on-air discussion with Mr Campbell.

The DUP MP said: "In January 2017, the public want to know what we are doing now.

"We need to resolve these issues. As a result of yesterday are we closer or further away?"

Nolan said he and his team would continue to ask who was responsible for the Renewable Heating Incentive scandal as well as what they were going to do about it.

"Yes," responded Mr Campbell, "and as you put it previously you are 'going to keep digging' and as I responded 'digging works both ways'."

Mr Nolan replied: "You dig away. I think the last time you said this people responded asking if you were threatening me?"

Mr Campbell came back: "Why would you ask that?

"Here is the point Stephen. You are very good at posing questions - as I have said on a number of occasions - and for which you are very highly and very secretively paid out of the public purse. The point is, you are not very good at answering them.

"That's the point, that's the digging that I am talking about."

Criticising Mr McGuinness's resignation, Mr Campbell added: "How we fix the problem, not walk away from it but fix it, that is how we get it resolved."

Later in the programme a caller described Mr Campbell's "digging" remark as a "disgrace".

The caller accused the MP of effectively saying the broadcaster's card was being marked.

Stephen Nolan added: "You all pay me very, very well.

"My job is to ask questions and I will continue to do that.

"There was a similar approach taken by Mr Campbell before and I think we followed that up with the Jonathan Bell interview and the Arlene Foster interview.

"I'll continue to do my job and let's leave it at that."

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