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Young man attacked by masked knife thugs

A young man was attacked by a gang of knife-wielding thugs as he came from work in Belfast in the early hours yesterday.

A gang of up to eight masked men approached the 21-year-old man as he was walking down the Shankill Road, and chased him in to an alley way at 6am.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the men held a knife to his throat before he was punched twice in the eye and suffered two cuts to his cheek.

He said: “The men said that if they me caught on the Shankill Road again they were going to do worse to me.

“I rang my manager to say that I won’t be returning to work.”

In a separate attack approximately two months ago, the 21-year-old father was chased by four men in a car.

“I am really scared, all I was doing was trying to support my family by doing a job I loved.”

”I am working there 10 months and I will never return.” Police said they were investigating the incident.

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