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Young people seeking to cash in on the wrong jobs

By Rebecca Black

Young people in Belfast say money is their prime concern when picking a career, yet have no idea which jobs pay the best, new research has found.

The highest-earning sectors last year included electrics and air-conditioning.

Only one in six (17%) teenagers from the city guessed they was even in the top three. They thought average earnings in those sectors would be around £22,675, when in fact the true median figure is £37,922.

Our young people seem to think they will earn the most by working in the arts, entertainment or recreation. According to new research by the Edge Foundation to mark the opening of nominations for the 2015 VQ Awards, teens from Belfast miscalculated actual earnings by up to 38%.

Electricians earn an average of £29,000 per year which is nearly 25% cent more than the national average wage. Nearly one in seven teens (13%) think they could earn big bucks in arts, entertainment and recreation, but these are among the lowest-paid sectors, with average full-time earnings of £21,603 in 2014.

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