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Yours for only £28.99 - a 'little' corner of the magnificent Glens of Antrim


 The Area of Natural Beauty in the Glens where plots are for sale

The Area of Natural Beauty in the Glens where plots are for sale

The Area of Natural Beauty in the Glens where plots are for sale

Ever wanted a title – and a scenic plot of the 'oul sod' to call your own?

Well now you can live the dream and become a landowner in the spectacular Glens of Antrim – for as little as £28.99.

For that sum you can become squireen of a foot-large plot of woodland at Glens Wood in Glendun and also help in the battle against the deforestation of Northern Ireland.

It may not be the vast estate you've dreamed of, but according to Lyn Nelson, who came up with the scheme, it's a way for the Irish diaspora across the globe to buy their own little bit of Ireland, which can be handed down to future generations and also protect an endangered piece of landscape.

Her scheme, Emerald Heritage, allows you to buy plots in three sizes – one, three and nine square feet.

This spring native trees will be planted on the land which lies next to a Woodland Trust forest called Craigagh Wood in the Causeway Coast and Glens Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

"Ownership of an Emerald Heritage land plot will not only ensure the protection of the land from the increasing threat of deforestation, it will also result in further trees being planted in Glens Wood," she said.

Only 1% of ancient native woodland is left in Ireland, but the more people who sign up to the scheme the more native woodland will be planted – some of it by local schoolchildren.

"By the purchase of your little piece of Ireland, buyers can rightly refer to themselves as a 'squireen', translated into English – 'squire' or 'squiress'.

"Included in an Emerald Heritage pack is a personalised master title deed which enables the new landowner to add his or her new title to forms of personal identification such as a passport, driving licence, credit cards, bank accounts," Lyn explained.

"The protection and enhancement of Irish landscape was the primary motive in the formation of Emerald Heritage – a land plot purchase offers the unique opportunity for everyone to get involved to improve the quality and quantity of native Irish woodland and its wildlife habitat."

Since launching the scheme this week, Lyn has already received inquiries from three buyers – all of them living within Northern Ireland, but she hopes that word will spread.

For further information visit www.emerald-heritage.com.

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