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Youth sends 'thank-you' note to police officers... after being searched for drugs

By Deborah McAleese

They are used to getting abuse on the job, so officers in Newry were pleasantly surprised to receive a thank you note from a young person they had searched for drugs.

Neighbourhood officers on patrol in  the town searched a number of young people on the Rathfriland Road for drugs on Wednesday night. No drugs were found.

When they returned to the station they had received a very pleasant e-mail from one of the young people who thanked them for being "pretty cool".

Their new fan wrote: "I just wanted to email thanking you all for being so down to earth about everything Clearly  nothing was found but the way yous went about it was amazing. I haven't got a clue who the two male officers (were) or the other two that came after that to search me and my friend ... But I just thought I would say thanks. They were pretty cool whoever they (were)."

One of the Newry officers shared the e-mail on Facebook and said: "Customer feedback is something we tend not to get, well unless it's bad and makes for a good news story. So here's something you don't see everyday. An email from a young person (who was over 18) thanking us for 'being pretty cool', 'so down to earth' and 'amazing.'"

The officer added: "It's nice to be nice."

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