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Youths are ‘running amok’ in Stranmillis

Residents in the Stranmillis area of south Belfast have raised concerns about youths running amok and damaging cars in the area.

Hillside Crescent locals said they have been suffering from an ongoing problem of drunken youths running along the street, jumping up and down on top of residents' cars and making noise in the early hours of the morning.

Fed-up resident Andrew Charles said there now seems to be a pattern of young people coming along the street and causing trouble on Friday and Saturday nights.

“There is a pattern of drink-fuelled young people walking over cars and jumping up and down on top of cars,” he said.

“My neighbour saw a couple of guys jumping on his car like a trampoline and my car was vandalised. On some cars you can see footprints left where they’ve been jumping on them.”

Mr Charles said he believes the youths drink at a nearby pitch and playing fields and then come along the street — and residents are now afraid to leave their cars out on the street for fear they might get damaged.

“These youths have no respect for residents or people’s property. They’re drinking illegally, drinking on the street and damaging people’s property. But unfortunately the police cannot be there all the time,” said Mr Charles.

“It’s a financial problem for residents if they have to pay to constantly repair their cars (because of the damage caused by the youths).”

The Hillside Crescent resident added that he believes the people involved are mainly teenagers, aged around 16 and 17, from the local area.

A PSNI spokeswoman said: “Police in south Belfast are aware of the impact anti-social behavioural issues have on the local community and work tirelessly to tackle the problem.

“We take a very pro-active approach working in partnership with local community groups and the Belfast City Council.

“We will continue to work hard to tackle the issues and reduce the number of incidents.”

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