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Youths' behaviour at local church 'appalling'

Newtownabbey Alderman Nigel Hamilton has slammed the “appalling behaviour” of anti-social youths who have been drinking in a local church’s grounds.

Alderman Hamilton (pictured) said young vandals have left a trail of empty drink bottles, cans, boxes, shards of glass and damaged gravestones in the graveyard at the Church of Ireland on the Old Church Road.

He said: “Church parishioners are rightly distressed by this appalling behaviour.

“I took the opportunity to inspect the aftermath and could only condemn it.

“The lack of respect displayed by these ignorant and self indulgent youths only reflects on the homes they come from.

“Parents need to take responsibility for them — it is not for the police to bring them home drunk and confused. Can their fathers and mothers not instill some sense of responsibility and self respect in them?”

A PSNI spokesman said: “Police recently received a report of youths causing annoyance in a graveyard on the Old Church Road. A local police foot patrol was quickly on the scene and a number of youths ran from the area. There were no reports of damage, however a large amount of empty cans and bottles were littered throughout the graveyard.

“Police in Newtownabbey are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and have patrols dedicated to this purpose at the appropriate times. Parents also need to help police by talking to their children and making sure they know where they are going when they are outside the home.”

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