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Youths petrol bomb police investigating woman's death in Derry

By Leona O'Neill

Police dealing with a sudden death in the Bogside area of Londonderry came under attack from youths throwing petrol bombs yesterday evening.

Police officers attended the sudden death of a woman at a house in the Rossville Street area yesterday afternoon.

As they waited for undertakers and forensic teams to arrive, they were attacked by youths throwing stones, bottles, masonry, paint and petrol bombs.

Up to 50 youths, many of them masked, gathered in the Fahan Street and Rossville Street areas and erected a barrier across the bottom of the nearby flyover - one of the city's busiest arterial routes - and set it alight, preventing cars from passing.

The PSNI warned the general public to avoid the area while they dealt with "an ongoing incident" and thanked people for their patience.

SDLP MLA Mark H Durkan said the actions of the youths was "completely reprehensible".

"There is a family and a community in mourning," he said.

"They have had the worst imaginable news today and the police had to investigate that and they have come under attack, which is completely reprehensible behaviour.

"I believe that a friend of the family went to speak to the young people who were attacking the police and the rioting stopped for a short time.

"But unfortunately it started up again shortly afterwards.

"The friend had tried to make them see sense, but unfortunately they don't seem to have any, nor sensitivity."

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