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YouTube hero Barry 'the Blender' Henderson shares his best tips on 'double hunting' your meat

Ever heard of 'double-hunting' your meat?

Well YouTube hero Barry the Blender Henderson thinks he has revolutionised how to source meat with his new technique.

This new unique form of meat hunting shows Barry aiming to re-educate us as to where our meat comes from - and the difficulty that lies therein.

Luckily Barry himself is on hand to demonstrate.

The self-styled nutritional genius and champion Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Barry channels his best Game of Thrones archery skills, as well as throwing in a touch of Zelda and The Lord of The Rings.

Instead of going out and actually hunting the meat which he describes as "frowned upon" - Barry the Blender instead pins the meat to an archery board - and then rather unsuccessfully tries to pin it with his arrow.

He says: "A lot of boys are now detached from where their meat is sourced from. And because it's sort of frowned upon to go out there and hunt and kill domestic cattle, I Barry the Blender Henderson like to do a thing called double hunt my mat."

It's one in a series of videos in connection with Fit Fodder a new delivery fitness service aimed at fitness fanatics.

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