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Zimbabwean man who claims he was raped loses asylum appeal

A Zimbabwean man who claimed he was beaten and raped by men from Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF party has lost a legal battle against being removed from Northern Ireland.

The same men killed his mother the applicant, identified only as MT, claimed.

The Court of Appeal upheld a ruling that denied asylum to the 29-year-old who was arrested by police in March 2007.

The man claimed to have travelled to Belfast after flying from South Africa to Dublin on a fake South African passport.

He applied for asylum but was refused on grounds he had not established a well-founded fear of persecution or of suffering serious harm if returned from the UK.

He appealed the findings against him by attempting to demonstrate that the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal had erred in law.

Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan, sitting with Lord Justices Girvan and Coghlin, ruled there was no error of law in the original findings.

He said: "The evidence of the appellant lacked credibility so that it could not provide a basis for the argument that he was at risk of future persecution."

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