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Zoo says hello to monkeys

Belfast Zoo has recently welcomed two red titi monkeys.

The new, and very interesting, pair arrived from Blackpool Zoo and London Zoo. They are now on view in their enclosure.

Zoo manager Mark Challis is delighted with the latest arrivals: “We are really excited that our male titi monkey, Aztec, and female titi monkey, Inca, are now here.

“They are stunning animals and are incredibly affectionate with one another, you can often see them sitting or sleeping with their tails intertwined. They are called Aztec and Inca after ancient South American tribes, as they are from South America. We are very pleased to be caring for them.”

Titi monkeys are monogamous, which means they keep the same partner for life. Already at Belfast Zoo, a strong bond has developed between Inca and Aztec.

Red titi monkeys are part of a European breeding programme and the zoo hopes to breed these primates in the future. Aztec will have his hands full, as male titi monkeys take an active role in the parenting, often carrying, feeding and caring for the young.

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