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Northern Ireland's first swine flu fatality is laid to rest

The first person to die of swine flu in Northern Ireland was buried yesterday in the north Antrim village where she lived.

Caroline Hoy’s heartbroken husband Winston said his wife had been battling cancer for almost five years and had been diagnosed as terminally ill before she contracted swine flu.

“I just don’t want it to be all about swine flu,” he said. “Caroline had battled cancer for four-and-a-half years and she was terminally ill.”

A funeral service for the mother-of-two was held at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Ahoghill.

Mrs Hoy died at Belfast City Hospital on Thursday. She is survived by her husband Winston and young children Emma and Jack.

Coleraine-born soldier Lee Porter, 30, died in a Surrey hospital last month after contracting swine flu.

So far, two people have died from the virus in the Republic of Ireland.

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