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Not all of our celebrities will spend tomorrow watching the box


Lynda Bryans

Lynda Bryans

Liam Beckett

Liam Beckett

Glenn Patterson

Glenn Patterson

Gerry Armstrong

Gerry Armstrong


Lynda Bryans

We asked some well-known local people what their viewing preferences would be this year and we found they prefer to shun the box and instead focus on family time.

Broadcaster Lynda Bryans

"What will I watch? That is a really easy question to answer because we watch nothing as we have family round on Christmas Day and they stay to midnight. What would be the point in watching TV on Christmas Day? It is traditional for us not to watch TV, is that unusual?

"Although I will be recording Downton Abbey and there is plenty of time to watch TV on Boxing Day.

"We usually eat late and we always play board games. We have played Pictionary in the past. Michael's (Lynda's husband and Ulster Unionist Party leader Mike Nesbitt) mother usually brings a new board game. There was another game where you had to put masks over your faces and try to guess who you are talking about. And there is an app like a modern version of charades that you hold above your head."

Writer Glenn Patterson

"My cat is playing with packaging, I will be watching that. I have no plans to watch anything, the last thing on my mind will be a TV - other times of the year, yes.

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"I was saying to my wife last night I picked up the Radio Times and looking at it the more there is in there the less there is. I find there are far too many other things to do on Christmas Day than watching TV like, as I say, watching my cat playing with packaging."

Former footballer Gerry Armstrong

"The kids and my wife will determine what is on the TV. When you have children aged 8 and 14 it will be cartoons and movies. I have seen most of the movies but we like things like Elf. I don't watch that much TV most of the time because I'm too busy but I taped Revista de la Liga last night (Spanish football show he works for) and will maybe watch that on Christmas Day."

Radio Ulster sports pundit Liam Beckett

"On Christmas Day to be quite honest I will probably watch very little TV. My family will all be at my house as they are every year and I will also have an elderly neighbour in.

"It is one of the few times we all get together to have family time.

"I do like watching TV at night and I would normally watch football or bikes but not on Christmas Day.

"I am not really a person who watches films and to be honest I prefer the radio.

"I will give TV a bye-ball on Christmas but there will probably be kids' films on in the background."

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