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On the run ... stingy six facing the slammer

By Maureen Coleman

Have you spotted any member of this dodgy looking line-up? Northern Ireland Hospice Care is urging the public to help track down these well-known local faces - wanted in connection with charitable stinginess.

The six suspects are on the run but it is understood they will be rounded up on September 24 and thrown into jail - with bail set at £2,000, payable to Northern Ireland Hospice Care.

The alleged 'criminals' taking part in the fundraising event are May McFettridge, Cool FM's Pete Snodden, Miss Northern Ireland Melissa Patton, Malachi Cush from Fame Academy, comic William Caulfield and men's grooming expert Jason Shankey.

The tongue-in-cheek fundraiser will include a Jailbreak and members of the public who want to be locked up as well are invited to do so by telephoning the Northern Ireland Hospice Care fundraising office on 028 9078 1836.

Comic May McFettridge, Fame Academy's Malachi Cush, comedian William Caulfield, male grooming expert Jason Shankey, Miss Northern Ireland Melissa Patton and Cool FM's Pete Snodden

Joanna said she would be grateful for help from the public, but appealed to people not to approach the suspects.

"If spotted, do not confront them directly. They are not violent but anyone confronting them is in serious danger of being restyled, talked to at length, dazzled by their beauty or in the case of Ms McFettridge, they could risk a serious ear bashing."

Joanna said the issue of arrest warrants was imminent.

"We anticipate arrests of this motley crew to take place on September 24 and we intend to set bail at £2,000 for their release, payable to Northern Ireland Hospice Care," she said.

"If you spot any of them, please go to the hospice website, and click onto the link to the Hospice Jailbreak page to get information on the offences they have been charged with.

"While there, you may also like to donate a few pounds to help secure their release, or indeed, you may prefer to donate money to the hospice for us to keep them locked up," she added.

"Either way, please log on and show your support for the hospice."

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