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Orange Order superhero Dan in copyright row


The Orange Order superhero Diamond Dan

The Orange Order superhero Diamond Dan

The Orange Order superhero Diamond Dan

When the Orange Order unveiled a cartoon mascot last November, leaders of the organisation hoped their new superhero character, Diamond Dan, would help to transform the formerly sectarian image of the group into something more family and tourist friendly.

He featured on the Order's Christmas cards and was unveiled in full before last week's 12 July marches commemorating the Battle of the Boyne, with souvenir fridge magnets and notebooks.

But Dan appears to have fallen foul of copyright law.

Dan Bailey, a designer from Essex, posted a similar image on iStockphoto.com, one of the world's digital libraries, and its graphics cannot be used for commercial purposes without a licence.

Diamond Dan was created as part of the re-branding of Orangeism aimed at attracting tourists from abroad to participate in what has become known as "Orangefest".

Named after one of its founding members, Dan Winter, Diamond Dan - Diamond referring to the Institution's formation at the Diamond, Loughgall, in 1795 - began to spread the 'good word' of the Order in the run-up to the marching season.

Speaking at the character's unveiling earlier this year, Orange Order education officer David Scott said the character, developed to appeal to young people, was meant to represent the true values of the Order.

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"Diamond Dan will be the kind of person who offers his seat on a crowded bus to an elderly lady. He won't drop litter and he will be keen on recycling" he said.

"He will also be committed to the Orange Order and to the Junior movement and will make efforts to know all he can about his history and culture."

The Order hopes to make its new mascot legal.

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