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'Our community will lose its lifeline'

As the news spread of the post office closures people in the bustling Ormeau Road area of south Belfast spoke of their concern at the "community hub" being axed.

Anna Robinson (79) has lived in the Ormeau area for 48 years and says if it closes the community will "lose a lifeline".

"I have used the post office regularly" she said.

"The elderly people here will not be able to cope without it. It really is a lifeline. A lot of people rely on having a post office nearby and if it closes, then, well, I don't know what we will do. It will be greatly missed."

Ellen McAllister (78) from the Shaftesbury Avenue area said it was a community meeting point for many.

"It isn't just good for services but it is great for meeting people and catching up. It would be really missed if it closed its doors," she said.

Mary Crawford, also from the Farnham Street area near the Ormeau area said: " I would pop into post a parcel or letters, it is just the handiness and access that makes it a great post office.

"If it closes it would cause difficulty, not just for myself, but for many elderly people who are not as mobile."

Fiona Campbell (40) said that local people had previously protested to keep the post office in the Ormeau area open a number of years ago.

"My mother would rely on it and there was a protest a few years ago which led to the post office staying open."

But if it did close the pensioners will be badly affected.

"They just couldn't get up and head into town...

"There are 200 houses being built nearby on the Ormeau, and surely that would have brought it more business.

"The Ormeau Road has seen so many changes over the years, and the post office has always been there. If it goes it will be a sad day for the area."

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