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Our energy-saving bulbs leave Tele readers all aglow

By Matthew McCreary

Belfast Telegraph readers have been doing their bit for the environment thanks to a massive free giveaway of energy saving lightbulbs.

Thousands of the special bulbs were given out yesterday to customers who bought a Belfast Telegraph at selected outlets, as part of our energy saving week.

The giveaway of the Osram Duluxstar 15w (65w equivalent) lightbulbs, which are worth at least £3.99, was run in partnership with NIE Energy.

"We have been delighted with the response from our readers and from the general public about the promotion," Richard McClean, Belfast Telegraph Marketing Director, said.

"Our street vendors, who are our most visible people around the city centre, have reported a strong uplift in circulation and good reaction to the lightbulbs, as well as the content within the paper about this week's energy saving campaign."

By using the lightbulbs, Tele readers could help save more than 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, reducing Northern Ireland's contribution of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and cutting the province's contribution to climate change.

Earlier this week, Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie gave her backing to the Save Energy, Save Money campaign which is running all this week in the Belfast Telegraph.

"The less [energy] we use today, the more will be available for future generations," she said.

Energy saving lightbulbs have undergone a major image change in recent years and are now a fixture of many households across the province.

"It used to be that energy saving bulbs were bigger than standard bulbs and either didn't fit or poked out the top of lamp shades. That's not the case any more," Claire McCambridge of NIE Energy said.

"You can now get energy saving bulb equivalents of nearly every shape of bulb you might need."

Meanwhile, NIE Energy are also offering a promotional price for a special deal of four types of top of the range bulbs at a bargain price of £10.99 (plus p&p).

For more details and to order online visit or call 028 9145 1767 quoting 'NIE Energy Offer'.

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