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Our own special relationship

Key Americans who became involved over here.

George Mitchell

US diplomat who chaired multi-party talks that led to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 and also headed the international body on arms decommissioning

Richard Haass

American diplomat who chaired the ultimately unsuccessful round-table talks last year on resolving key legacy issues of flags, parading and the past

Gary Hart

The former Democractic senator paid a whistlestop visit here recently and held talks with party leaders as well as government officials from Dublin and London before reporting to back to US Secretary of State John Kerry

George W Bush

Held talks with political leaders here during a visit in 2008. After he departed the White House he maintained an interest in NI affairs and played a role in encouraging the devolution of policing and justice powers

Bill Clinton

Became the first US President to visit Northern Ireland when he came here in 1995. Has visited since and considers the NI peace process among his most notable contributions

Barack Obama

Visited Northern Ireland for G8 summit in June 2013 and told a packed hall of schoolchildren: "When peace was achieved here, it gave the entire world hope"

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