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Paedophile brothers ‘on ward that kids visit’

By Clare Weir

A family has claimed they have been told not to bring children to visit a relative in a Londonderry hospital ward because the paedophile brothers from Donagh are being treated there.

James and Owen Roe McDermott, who are at the centre of a child sex abuse scandal in the Fermanagh village, voluntarily entered a psychiatric unit on the outskirts of the city this week.

Theresa Maginnis told UTV her 21-year-old son, who has severe learning disabilities, is on the same ward as the McDermott brothers.

“I was totally disgusted because when Colm was at home we looked after him 24/7 with a locked door — all the family helped or we couldn't have had him for 19 years.

“Now he's in two-and-a-half years and the stage I'm at now I would almost go and bring him home because of those two brothers being placed there.”

Ms Maginnis is calling for the brothers to be removed from the ward.

“I'm really upset and really angry. Whoever in the health board must be quite unaware of what's happening. They must be or they wouldn't have placed him where they placed him.

“They should be put in the right environment.”

In a statement the Western Trust said that the primary concern is the safety and welfare of patients.

“The public should be assured that on an on-going basis the trust assesses and manages safety, and where necessary implements safeguarding measures to ensure the protection of all children and vulnerable adults in our care,” said a spokesperson.

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