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Paperboy aged 13 made redundant

A 13-year-old boy became one of the youngest workers to lose his job during the recession when he was officially made redundant from his paper round.

Kane Middleton |received a formal letter from the company employing him outlining his redundancy package of nought pounds and assuring him that opportunities for redeployment within the company had been fully assessed.

The teenage schoolboy from Clophill, Bedford, was paid between £6 and £7 per week to deliver the local freesheet, the Mid Beds Times & Citizen. He began the newspaper round in August after turning 13.

His mother Jocelyn Middleton (57), a company clerk, said: “The language in the letter is not the sort of language a child would understand.”

A Letterbox Direct spokeswoman said: “We have to do everything by the book. It does seem quite an extreme measure but that's what you've got to do these days.”

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