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Patrick Kielty's mystery guest at Corr wedding is Swiss supermodel

Comedian turned actor Patrick Kielty was in Belfast last week on the promotional trail for the play A Night In Novemberwhich will show at The Grand Opera House next week in September.

It was a far cry from hanging off the arm of a beautiful woman at Corrs sister Andrea’s wedding recently — but Paddy maintains he’s single.

He said: “To be honest with you the girl I was at the wedding with was Alizee Gaillard, a friend of mine who came over from Switzerland. She’s not my girlfriend though, she’s just a friend, I’m actually single.”

Any wonder the star is throwing himself into his work and although he believed his time as football fanatic Kenneth McAllister was gone forever, he revealed producer Martin Lynch can be a “very persuasive guy”.

He added: “I thought I had waved goodbye to Kenneth but the BBC had followed me around and did a documentary on the show. Then, as it turned out, there was this whole crowd of people who starting ringing up wanting to see the show.

“I’ve been in America doing stand-up this year and this was the only time we could get the Opera House at the same time I was available.

“So it looks like I’m going to be coming back as 37-year-old Kenneth McAllister until I’m 67 with a 70-year-old wife and a 105-year-old da.”

Alizee Gaillard is no stranger to the spotlight after being thrust into the international modelling circuit when she won the Top Model 2005 contest, the French equivalent of America's Next Top Model, four years ago.

Since her win, the supermodel has also signed with one of the premier international modelling agencies, Elite Models, based in London.

Gaillard was born in Switzerland and spent some of her childhood being raised on the Caribbean island of Haiti, before moving to France.

Since then, she has continued to live a jetset lifestyle with representation from agencies in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France and London, as well as speaking five languages.

As part of her Top Model prize, the Swiss stunner won a prestigious contract with the Marilyn agency in Paris, which also represents supermodels Kate Moss and Adriana Lima.

The top model has also been featured in the pages of Elle and Cosmopolitan.

Paddy has previously shown a penchant for high-profile beauties, having been linked with Amanda Byram and Sienna Miller.

The couple were determined to keep everyone guessing as to her identity, given that they both declined to reveal any information to the waiting photographers.

"A guy went up to her and asked for her name after he snapped the pair of them walking in the church, but she wouldn't say a word. She just smiled at the guy, so he couldn't even hear her accent.

"Patrick did the same thing when he asked him for the woman's name, he just looked away. A moment later, a security guy came up and ushered the photographer away so no one got her name," said a source.

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