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Patrick Kielty’s ‘new love’ is engaged to someone else

By Claire McNeilly

Comedian Patrick Kielty ‘s so-called new “girlfriend” is actually engaged to someone else, it has emerged.

The 38-year-old Co Down funnyman caused a stir when he turned up to Andrea Corr’s wedding last month with top model Alizee Gaillard, prompting media speculation he had managed to find himself another stunner.

But any rumours of romance were quashed by the 24-year-old beauty’s fiance Dominique Perret, a champion extreme skier, who is said to have told friends: “We are very much together.”

The Swiss sportsman added: “Alizee is a very beautiful woman and she is frequently linked to other men, but it’s all just rubbish. It’s ridiculous to make out that Alizee would be even remotely interested in anyone else.”

And just days ago, in an interview with a Swiss magazine, Alizee — who was propelled to fame after winning a French TV talent show, Le Top Model 2005 — spoke of her relationship with Dominique.

“Love has no age and anyway Dominique does not at all appear his age. He is very young in spirit and we have a great energy in common,” she said.

One of the last guests to arrive at the wedding, the comic’s timely appearance with the half-Haitian, half-Swiss model on his arm, guaranteed media attention.

But the Dundrum man insisted that he and Alizee were pals — and he has since admitted that he is still a free agent.

“I’m single. I was pictured with my Swiss friend — she’s just a friend,” he told the Sunday Life newspaper.

And although the former Celebrity Love Island presenter is “open to the idea” of having a girlfriend, he said it wasn’t something he was actively pursuing.

“Whatever comes my way will come my way,” he said.

“If I meet someone, that would be fantastic. I’m chilling at the minute.”

He’s also in no rush for fatherhood.

“I’m quite old-fashioned – find yourself a girlfriend first before you want to be married. The notion of me wanting to settle down and have babies....I wouldn’t have said that,” he said.

Kielty first found fame as a stand-up act, before becoming a household name in the UK thanks to the reality TV shows Celebrity Love Island and Fame Academy.

His appearance with the stunning model comes just weeks before the opening night of his stint on the Belfast stage with the play, A Night in November.

Kielty plays Northern Ireland football fan Kenneth McAllister in the Marie Jones hit.

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