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Pensioner knocked out and dragged along street by Rottweilers

'Dogs tried to rip my Schnauzer in two'

By Claire McNeilly

A 75-year-old woman was knocked unconscious during a horrific attack in which two Rottweilers savaged the tiny dog she was walking in south Belfast.

Dorothy Dickson was dragged to the ground and trailed along the middle of a road by her coat by the ferocious animals, which then “tried to rip in two” a Miniature Schnauzer.

The frenzied attack, which happened yesterday, only ended after five men intervened and beat off the Rottweilers with bottles.

Mrs Dickson was last night treated at home by a doctor, while her injured pet Leo was taken to a vet’s surgery after the attack.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph last night, the pensioner’s daughter Gillian Thompson (43), who owns one-year-old Leo, said her mother, a former critical care nurse, was “traumatised” by what had happened.

“Mummy was on her way home after walking my dog when two Rottweilers came out of nowhere,” Mrs Thompson said. “The Rottweilers went for Leo and tried to rip him in two. One had his top end, the other had his legs. The vet said he was very lucky to be alive.

“They got mummy off the footpath, pulled her down to the ground by her coat and trailed her away from my dog. She lost her shoes and everything. That’s when she blanked out.”

“When she came to she saw about five men, who had been in a nearby chip shop, beating the dogs off with Lucozade bottles.”

Mrs Thompson, who works as an auxiliary nurse, said her mother, who was initially taken to a neighbour’s house to recover, was very fragile after being hurt during the incident at Ebor Street.

“She has recently had a knee replacement operation and the dogs pulled her onto her knees,” she said.

“There are also some other underlying medical conditions. She is still traumatised.

“She remembers screaming and yelling for help and she can’t thank those men enough for what they did to help her.”

A Belfast City Council spokeswoman said the dog warden was investigating the incident.

A police spokeswoman said they had received a report of “two Rottweiler type dogs attacking a smaller dog”.

“The smaller dog, who was being walked by its female owner, sustained injuries and was taken to a vet for treatment,” she added.

Mrs Thompson expressed concern that these “dangerous dogs” — who she said weren’t on a leash, or with their owner, when they attacked — were still at large.

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