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Pervert is jailed for 12 years after molesting three young children

By Paul Higgins

A pervert who raped two boys, including one boy twice in a night, and sexually molested a third was yesterday jailed for 12 years and banned from ever having unsupervised contact with children again.

After agreeing to spend a further three years on probation to complete the community sex offenders programme, 33-year-old Daniel Patrick Blaney was told by Craigavon Crown Court Judge Patrick Markey QC that the "extreme indignities" he forced upon his young victims meant that he faced " severe punishment".

Earlier he heard that Blaney, who was also ordered to remain on the police sex offenders register for the rest of his life, raped his first victim, an 11-year-old boy in October 2005, an attack later described by the boy as " like a knife to the heart".

He also heard that Blaney, with an address at Charles Street in Portadown, sexually molested a nine-year-old boy in the same month and raped another 11-year-old boy twice in one night in November 2005, threatening to " kill him" if he told anyone.

However, nothing was said in mitigation for Blaney, who pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and two of indecent assault because he claimed innocence to probation officers and his legal team felt professionally obliged to "come off record".

Prosecuting lawyer David McDowell said that when the offences came to light, the first victim told police he thought Blaney had planned the rape as he told him he intended to do it to the other two boys as well.

Turning to Blaney's second victim, a nine-year-old boy whom he molested, the lawyer said that later in the same month the boy told his mother that Blaney had thrown him on the bed and after covering his face, sexually assaulted him and threatened to beat him if he told anyone.

In relation to Blaney's second rape victim, Mr McDowell said Blaney grabbed the 11-year-old boy and dragged him to his bedroom where he punched him in the face, ordered the boy to strip and raped him.

The lawyer revealed that during the attack, the boy tried to scream but was again hit in the mouth and further revealed that later the same evening, woke the boy up and raped him again.

"At one point during the incident, Mr Blaney threatened that if he told anyone, he would kill him and hit him," said Mr McDowell.

Blaney was arrested and interviewed but denied the boys' allegations, instead claiming two other people he named had abused them.

Concluding his opening, Mr McDowell told the court of a previous conviction for indecent assault dating back to when Blaney was a teenager and molested another boy with the judge commenting it showed a "longstanding propensity".

Handing down the terms, Judge Markey said he hoped that if completed, the probation element would mean Blaney "will not be a danger to young children and adolescents".

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