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Pigeon loving family unable to fly the coop

A pigeon loving family from the north coast has ruffled the feathers of planners who ordered them to get rid of their beloved animals.

Back in August John Edgar and Michael and Annette Wiggins were given six months by the courts to move a pigeon loft from the rear of their Portrush home or fly the coop themselves.

But despite dropping the price of their Girona Crescent property by £100,000 in an attempt to sell it, the trio have been unable to attract a buyer.

Renowned fancier Mr Edgar faces two charges of failing to comply with a Planning Enforcement Notice following an eight year fight with planners.

The case was again up before North Antrim Magistrates' Court yesterday where Mr Edgar (44) told District Judge Richard Wilson the house was still on the market.

Mr Wilson asked him if the loft was still in place and was told it was.

“Do you think the presence of the loft is a deterrent to potential buyers?” asked Mr Wilson.

A lawyer for Planning Service chirped up: “To be fair it is a very well-built loft. It's just the planners say it shouldn't be there at all.”

“So at least the pigeons are happy,” said Mr Wilson.

Mr Wilson said he would give the family another six months to try and sell the house.

The case was adjourned until August.

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