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Pizza delivery man recovering after barracks attack

By Deborah McAleese

One of the pizza delivery men seriously injured by Real IRA gunmen during an attack which killed two soldiers is recovering well, his family said last night.

Known only as Marcin, the Polish national was one of two pizza delivery men targeted by dissident republicans on Saturday night as they delivered pizza to Massereene Army barracks in Antrim.

In a statement yesterday his family said they would like to send their sincere sympathy to the two murdered soldiers and to the family of PSNI Constable Stephen Carroll who was shot dead in Craigavon on Monday night.

“Our thoughts, prayers and good wishes are with them and with all those who were injured in or affected by these tragic events,” they said.

“We wish to express deep gratitude to the medical staff at the Antrim Area Hospital for all the care and attention given to Marcin which has literally saved his life. His condition is still serious but we are happy to say that he is recovering well; it is hoped that he will be back to full health in the near future,” Marcin’s family said.

They added: “We also want to thank his employers Domino’s Pizza and express heartfelt appreciation to our friends and wider community for all the support and comfort they have given to us at this anxious time.

“There have been many attempts made by the national and international media to seek interviews with us.

“While we thank all the media networks for their concern and interest, we want to stress that we have firmly decided to decline all media interviews.

“This is already a very difficult and stressful time for our family: one during which we simply cannot cope with any extra pressure.”

Two other soldiers and a second pizza delivery man were also injured during the gun attack.

All remain in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

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