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Police not looking for any other suspects in killing

Allan Preston

By Allan Preston

Detectives have said they are currently not pursuing further suspects for the murder of Colin Horner.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter McKenna made the comments after four men were sentenced for the cold-blooded killing yesterday morning.

"If any further information comes into the inquiry we will certainly assess it," he said.

"At this point in time, those who have been sentenced today are the ones we're focusing on."

DCI McKenna described the shocking killing as a "cold, calculated and premeditated murder".

"It beggars belief that the four men involved in this murder gave no thought to the trauma or anguish it would cause to other persons present when this brutal assassination took place," he said.

"In particular Colin's young son, who was only a toddler at this time.

"This is something no child should ever have to see. Colin was a much-loved father of two young children, I hope these convictions and sentences handed down bring some degree of comfort to them, as well as to his mother Lesley, his partner Natasha and his wider family and circle of friends."

Teh detective said the shooting had a "massively traumatic" effect on the victim's three-year-old son Oscar and others who witnessed it.

"They had no regard for Colin, they've had no regard for anybody else in that car park and no regard for that child," he said.

"It's miraculous that nobody else was actually murdered that day due to the recklessness of that attack."

The officer added that it had been a long and complex investigation and he paid tribute to the "calm and resolve" shown by Mr Horner's family during the process.

He added: "Colin was a much loved father, partner, son and friend, and whilst no sentence can bring him back, I hope that these convictions offer some comfort as they cope with their grief."

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