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Police probe Iris Robinson’s ‘gay’ remarks

By Emily Moulton

Northern Ireland’s new first lady has found herself in further hot water after it emerged police were investigating a complaint made about her second anti-gay outburst in a week.

Iris Robinson sparked outrage when she claimed during a BBC radio debate that homosexuals could be ‘cured’ through psychiatric counselling.

It came on the back of her comment the previous week that homosexuality was an “abonimation”.

Last night the PSNI confirmed they were investigating a complaint made about Iris Robinson’s remarks. Andrew Muir, the vice chair of Gay and Lesbian rights group in County Down, reported Mrs Robinson to police as a result of her comments.

During the Stephen Nolan show on Friday, which was discussing a homophobic attack on a 27-year-old man, Mrs Robinson, said one of her health advisors, Dr Paul Miller, was working with a ‘small number’ of gays who were trying to become straight.

“I have a lovely psychiatrist who works with me in my offices - trying to turn homosexuals away from what they are engaged in,” she told the show.

“I'm happy to put any homosexual in touch with this gentleman.”

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