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'Police say they don't know anything ... it's not good enough'

By David James Kerr

David James Kerr, owner of the David James Kerr store in the Holywood Arches. More than £15,000 worth of stock was stolen from his store by burglars last month:

"I am very disappointed by the police response. I haven't had any feedback from them at all. Since my burglary I have spoken to other local business owners who have been targeted. I am worried now coming up to Christmas, as it is more than likely that I will be targeted again. Since the burglary I have spent £3,000 upgrading our security. I have heat sensors, motion sensors, you have to buzz to get into the store, and we have an alarm that goes straight through to police control. But sure, who knows what the police response time would be?

"Myself and two other east Belfast business owners who were also targeted have compared CCTV footage. The guys in all three look the same. OK, one is masked up but the other has a pair of tights over his head so you could get a good visual. To us, it seems to be the same few guys. They are very professional.

"I have phoned the police a few times to ask for an update and they just tell me they don't know anything. For me, as a business owner, that's not good enough.

The only thing that kept us going after the burglary was the local support. If it happens again I will be moving out of the area."

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