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Police warn of dissident firebomb blitz threat

By Rachel Quigley

With the dissident threat at an all-time high, police have warned retailers and shoppers to be on the lookout for incendiary devices over the holiday season.

Due to the upsurge in terrorist activity over the last few months, there are concerns that dissidents could attempt to launch a spectacular attack in a town centre over the busy Christmas period.

Inspector David Connery, head of crime prevention, urged retailers, business owners, shoppers and retail parks to be on guard, particularly when shops are very busy.

He said: “It is good business practice to regularly check your premises for anything suspicious. This will help ensure that you protect your staff, customers and business all year round.

“Incendiary devices can be left anywhere that can catch fire easily. They have the potential to destroy property and take human life. If something looks out of place or even just raises concern, contact your local police. And never touch or attempt to move any suspicious looking objects — vigilance is the key.”

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