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Alliance challenges Paisley to talks

By Noel McAdam

Alliance leader David Ford last night challenged First Minister Ian Paisley to a face-to-face meeting over the Executive's "flimsy" plans for government.

Mr Ford, who heads the small united opposition group at Stormont which includes independent MLAs, threw down the gauntlet after Mr Paisley urged him to share any ideas Alliance might have.

In the Assembly this week the veteran leader of the DUP told Mr Ford to "cheer up" and get behind the Assembly to ensure its success.

Claiming his party has put forward significant legislative proposals, Mr Ford said: "I would be only too happy to act on Mr Paisley's request and give him further ideas.

"It would appear that the Executive need our assistance because their plans are extremely flimsy despite the fact that they appointed special advisers paid by the public purse since last November. "

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