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Alliance Party unveils well-known faces for council poll


Candidate: Paula Bradshaw

Candidate: Paula Bradshaw

Candidate: Paula Bradshaw

A former poster girl for the ill-fated Ulster Unionist and Conservative Party coalition is to stand for council for the Alliance Party.

Paula Bradshaw ran unsuccessfully for the Ulster Conservative and Unionist New Force (UCUNF) in the 2010 General Election in South Belfast.

Shortly after the election the community worker defected to Alliance but has remained behind the scenes until now. She will be running for the Balmoral ward

Also among the list of candidates announced by Alliance yesterday for the new Belfast supercouncil is Duncan Morrow, former chief of the Community Relations Council.

After years encouraging change from behind the scenes, Mr Morrow said the move to front line politics was an obvious next step.

"Without leadership Northern Ireland will continue to wallow in sectarian division, political paralysis and the deadly game of 'them and us', and only Alliance puts building a future for everyone as its first priority," he said.

Mr Morrow – who now lectures at the University of Ulster – is aiming to take a seat in Botanic, replacing Alliance's current councillor Catherine Curran, who has decided to step down.

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