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Andy Burnham: Labour may finally run candidates for election in Northern Ireland


Contender: Andy Burnham

Contender: Andy Burnham


Contender: Andy Burnham

One of the contenders for the Labour leadership has hinted that the party may finally run candidates for election in Northern Ireland.

Andy Burnham launched his bid to succeed Ed Miliband last night, warning that the party had "lost its emotional connection with millions of people".

"Labour wins when it speaks to everyone and for the whole country, for Middle England but also Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland," he said in a video message confirming his candidacy.

"It needs a leader whose voice can carry into all the nations and regions of the UK, be heard in every home: someone who people can relate to, who understands their lives."

Local campaigners have been lobbying for Labour to run candidates in Northern Ireland for many years.

Writing in the Belfast Telegraph earlier this week, Boyd Black, secretary of the Labour Party in Northern Ireland, stated: "We want a cast-iron commitment that Labour will stop suppressing Labour Party candidates here and commit to transforming our politics as only it can do."

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has also announced she is standing for the leadership, alongside Chuka Umunna, Liz Kendall and Mr Burnham.

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The new leader and deputy leader will be announced on September 12.

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