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Ard fheis police verdict only a start: DUP

The DUP today told Sinn Fein it's crucial ard fheis verdict on policing on Sunday will be "only a start".

The warning came as Gerry Adams, in a pamphlet with today's Belfast Telegraph, said "negative" unionism must not be allowed to veto attempts to achieve a new beginning to policing.

As the party completed its grass roots meetings, the Sinn Fein president also said republican involvement in policing would "put manners" on the PSNI. And it emerged that, significantly, the former IRA second-in-command, Martin McGuinness, will propose the motion at the crunch gathering in Dublin.

DUP Policing Board member, Arlene Foster, said, however: "I know everyone is very entranced about Sunday, but Sunday is only the start."

Referring to the glossy leaflet, she added: "If this is all about unionist outreach then to be frank their best outreach would be to sign up in word and deed.

"It's only when they start delivering on the ground and people start to see a real change in the way they deal with the police service, and encourage young people to join, and the way they deal with the courts system and rule of law, that people will start to know there is a difference."

Ulster Unionist Lord Maginnis warned: " We are seeing a form of compromise with no built-in safeguards."

The ard fheis motion - all but certain to be endorsed - will mandate Sinn Fein's executive to decide when it should be implemented.

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