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Ask...Sammy Wilson: Put your questions to the Environment Minister

We're interviewing Environment Minister Sammy Wilson and we thought we'd get the questions from you.

Perhaps you've read one of the related articles (right) and there is something you want to ask the minister.

From climate change to motorbikes - you decide the topic.

Let us know what you'd like to ask; we'll put the best ones to the DUP member and publish the video interview here.

Send your questions to

*Submissions closed*

Please remember to include your name and location.

Sammy Wilson's answers

Environment Minister Sammy Wilson answered your questions on June 10 2009. Video interviews are below.

Part 1 - European Election results

Part 2 - Climate Change

Part 3 - Politicians' expenses

Part 4 - Planning regulations, fishing, education and City Airport

Part 5 - Political inspiration: Ian Paisley

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