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BBC 'needs to do more' on transparency and accountability: Gregory Campbell

DUP's Gregory Campbell has called for the BBC to do more to be accountable and transparent in how its uses public money.

The MP was speaking at a debate in the House of Commons concerning the public service broadcaster's transparency. He said that the BBC's standing over recent years had diminished.

"The BBC used to be considered reliable source of news and informative programming. It was the broadcaster to go to at times of crisis or turmoil - it was the dependable public funded broadcaster," he said.

"Given events over the last few years, the BBC's standing has diminished."

He said questions about use of public money were either ignored or had a "veil of secrecy pulled over them".

"I have come to the view BBC fat cats in Belfast are either arrogant or incredibly shifty. One thing they are not is transparant."

The East Londonderry representative covered issues around matters of BBC pay, how the broadcaster deals with complaints and how programmes are commissioned.

He said that while the BBC had made progress on transparency "more work was needed".

In closing, he said: "We want to see a BBC of which we can be rightly proud which is independent, fearless that questions and pursues issues - that is transparent, that is accountable so that people can defend the BBC locally, nationally and internationally."

The debate comes after the BBC published its lists of its top on-air earners. BBC Radio Ulster presenter Stephen Nolan was among the top 10 earners.

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