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Belfast Telegraph exclusive opinion poll - from Union flags and marches to same-sex marriages

You’ve heard all the opinions on flags, parades, the past. You can’t get through a day without a politician telling you what you should be thinking.

But what do the people of Northern Ireland really think about the big issues? From Monday the Belfast Telegraph together with our partners LucidTalk is running its authoritative State of the Nation opinion poll. Carried out to British Polling Council |standards, the survey will give an accurate snapshot of the mood of the nation. Forget the great and the good, what do the rest of us believe?

On Monday:

As US envoy Richard Haass (right) begins his task to report back to the Stormont Executive on the big modern-day sticking points, what does the country think about the flying of flags and the parading issue? What do we think of the Union flags and Irish tricolours that flutter in our communities and what do we really think of the annual stand-off and violence over parading? We will also turn the spotlight on how we think our government is performing.


On Tuesday:

The issue of the border is never really far away but what is the current state of play on this issue? How many would vote for a united Ireland tomorrow? And who would we vote for at the next election? Do the big parties still hold sway or have the smaller and newer names made any inroads? How many of us would vote at all?


On Wednesday:

We’ll find out which political leader the public thinks best represents our hopes for the future and we’ll also see how our leading politicians and key figures in our society are rated. Among the personalities are PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott, the Queen and Irish president Michael D Higgins.

On Thursday:

The issue of legislating for same-sex marriages will be addressed. Our respondents give their view on whether Northern Ireland should follow the example of England and allow gay and lesbian couples to marry, with an qualification that churches have the legal right to refuse to perform the ceremonies. The poll will also ask whether Northern Ireland’s political parties should face the same rules for declaring donations as parties in the rest of the UK.

On Friday:

Do you think you’re Northern Irish, British or Irish? That is the question on Friday as we look at the issue of cultural identity. Our poll will also ask what future we expect of Northern Ireland in 10 years’ time.

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