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Belfast Telegraph survey in poll position to challenge voting habits

Ever wondered if you’re voting for the right party? Find yourself agreeing with some policies, but not others?

With the Assembly election less than a month away, there is the potential for the poll to degenerate into a sectarian headcount.

But, if you set the constitutional question to one side and base your decision on issues the Executive can actually tackle, would the same party still get your vote?

The Belfast Telegraph today teams up with public affairs and communications specialists Asitis Consulting to launch True Colours — an online survey that will challenge the way you cast your vote.

True Colours aims to question the way you determine your voting preferences based on party policies, not party loyalties.

Just go to and respond to 20 statements on political issues by clicking ‘agree’, ‘disagree’ or ‘open-minded’. Then identify which policy areas matter most and least to you.

Finally, you will have the option of selecting which of the five Executive parties you normally vote for and which you would not consider voting for. True Colours will then reveal which party most closely matches your preferences.

Belfast Telegraph online editor Jerome Crolly said: “True Colours will undoubtedly cause a few raised eyebrows and the results should come as a surprise to many of our readers. It drills down beneath voters' traditional party affiliations and reveals which party is most closely aligned to readers’ political and social beliefs.

“Some readers will discover that the party they plan to vote for is not the party which best reflects their views. It should make for intriguing reading, to say the least.”

Asitis Consulting managing director Nick Garbutt said: “My test showed I was closest to Sinn Fein — a party I would never have considered voting for.

“It’s certainly made me think and will undoubtedly lead to me asking questions of any candidates who show up at my door.”

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